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98彩票网急速赛车:Haihe Industrial Fund's parent fund and project introduced over one hundred billion yuan

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内容摘要: Reporter learned from Haihe Industrial Fund Management Company that, as the guidance fund of Tianjin Municipal Government, Haihe Industrial...

Reporter learned from Haihe Industrial Fund Management Company that, as the guidance fund of Tianjin Municipal Government, Haihe Industrial Fund has been established for a year. It has approved 16 fund of parent funds with a scale of 131.5 billion yuan; 16 key projects, with a scale of 113.2 billion yuan; More than 70, over a hundred billion yuan in scale.

“The purpose of setting up the Haihe River Industry Fund is to fully use the role of financial capital guidance and market mechanism to stimulate the vitality of social capital investment, enlarge and strengthen strategic emerging industries, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading”, head of Haihe Industry Fund Management Corporation It said that the fund clearly puts forward its focus on industrial layout and investment planning, focusing on eight major industries including integrated circuits, new displays, artificial intelligence, and 5G networks. The investment phase will include VC, PE, Pre-IPO, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and IPO. To achieve full-period coverage of business growth, development, and expansion.

Up to now, high economic investment, time and space electric and other five projects have been landed in Tianjin, violet purple cloud group, Jingdong wisdom logistics robot other projects are gradually fall. These projects cover the fields of big data cloud computing, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, and biomedicine. The investment phase includes VC, PE, Pre-IPO, mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, and IPOs. It has achieved full-period coverage of corporate growth, development, and expansion.

According to reports, Haihe Industrial Fund Management Co., Ltd. has established contact with more than 200 high-quality companies and has reached a clear cooperation intention and cooperation program with CECT, Aerospace Science and Industry, Sanxia, ??Ziguang, Haier, SMIC , TCL , Han's Laser and other traditional industry leading enterprises, JD, Alibaba, Xiaomi, AMD, , E-car , Shang Tang Technology and other emerging industries unicorn enterprises and leading companies, IDG, Takahata, Hony, deep venture capital, broadband Capital and other top-tier investment institutions, CICC Capital, China Development Bank, SDIC Innovation, Guoxin Holdings, National Investment Fund and other central enterprise investment platforms, and , CICC , Guotai Junan 7_89456_38 _65473_9, Huatai Securities and other brokerage agencies.

SMIC CFO Gao Yonggang told reporters that the company has established a SMIC Haihe Saida Industrial Investment Fund in cooperation with Haihe Industry Fund, with a scale of RMB 10 billion. It will implement integrated circuit industry in Tianjin through equity investment, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Landing and gathering.

According to the person in charge of IDG Capital, IDG Capital, together with Foxconn and Haihe Industrial Fund, set up a smart travel investment fund with a scale of 10 billion yuan at the end of last year, focusing on new energy vehicles, intelligent technologies and investment opportunities in shared travel. At present, the scale of investment has exceeded 1 billion yuan, and three projects have been included in the list of unicorn enterprises.

According to reports, around “helping the real economy, boosting industrial upgrading, and boosting capital investment”, Haihe Industrial Fund Management Company will focus on exploring and introducing emerging industry projects in 2018 to promote the establishment of special funds for intelligent technology and capital market special projects. The parent fund fully supports the cultivation of Tianjin's smart technology industry and serves Tianjin's local pre-ipo companies, new three-board transfer companies, and local listed companies' fixed-income projects to cultivate the "unicorn" in Tianjin.





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